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pk3cmd.exe use with proton compiler

Started by adval40, Sep 06, 2022, 11:48 PM

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I will use the pickit3 programmer with positron compiler
i have found pk3cmd.exe   

Do i have a devicefile  ?


Stephen Moss

As far as I know there is no a device file, but if I recall correctly that it is the command line interface version of the PICkit3 software so you do need to send it a commands that include the name of the hex file you want to program. If you cannot find any instruction on how to do that then the information here may be useful.

Alternatively use the GUI version, once you have selected a file to program, as I recall if you have auto update option selected it will (until you close the GUI) automatically reprogram the device every time the hex file is changed as the result of a new compilation.

Finally, if you are using the Microchip software with your Pickit3 you should note that it has not been updated for several years and so does not support many of the newer devices, therefore you might want to take a look at using PICKitPlus which will work with a much wider range of devices. Several members here including myself use it. 


FWIW If you're using PicKit 2 or 3 you should look at PicKitPlus. PicKitPlus is a rewrite of the nasty MC code, it's quicker and supports a much larger base of devices (especially new ones).