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PicKitPlus questions

Started by jmarkwolf, Feb 15, 2021, 05:54 PM

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I mistakenly posted this question in the lounge. Reposting here, will remove from there.

I purchased the latest compilers from Les, and PicKitPlus application. Have the PicKit3 OS firmware downloaded successfully, and went to Install New Programmer within the Proton IDE, but the PicKit3 is not among the options in the drop down box.

Am I mis-remembering the process? And what about the script you had to get just right before the PicKit3 would work seamlessly with the IDE?


Hi Mark-
Here's how mine is configured.  I have two entries for Pickit plus.  One is for 5 volt chips and the other is for 3.3 volt chips.  Either one will work with either a Pickit 2 OR a Pickit 3.

Set it up like this: Under "compile and program options", choose "programmer", then "install new programmer", then "create a custom programmer entry". 
Programmer filename: pickitcommandline.exe
Parameters for 5 volt chips: -w -e -a5.0 -pPIC$target-device$ -f"$hex-filename$" -mpce -d5
Parameters for 3 volt chips: -w -e -a3.3 -pPIC$target-device$ -f"$hex-filename$" -mpce -d5

Let me know if you have any trouble with this.



Thank you all for your wonderful support.  We are very very grateful.

What is the best way to share news?  A new post?

We are about to release the 'Turbo' version - some programming tasks will be much, much faster.  :-)


I was getting a little tired of waiting everytime for the PICkit4 programmer before it starts with programming :'(
Thats why I ordered and installed today PICkitPlus and connected it succesful to the Positron IDE (no problem) ;D

Phew, this gonna saves me a lot of time!
To program the same HEX in a PIC18F45K22 from hitting the F11 key (Program) till "Program succeeded":
PICKit4: 23 seconds (caused because it takes a long time before it starts with programming) ::)
PICKit2:  4 seconds (with PICkitPlus in turbo mode) :o
Not bad for an old PICkit2 programmer isn't it?

Some parameter settings:

For 5V I always set the parameter 0.2V lower, in case the USB can't supply enough voltage and this can cause an error message, so 4.8V.
When programming is finished, the power will be turned off.
-d5 = shut down the PICKitPlus screen after 5 seconds:
-w -e -a4.8 -pPIC$target-device$ -f"$hex-filename$" -mpce -d5

Same as above, but the power will NOT turned off after programming.
-dK = to shut down the PICKitPlus screen, hit a key:
-w -e -a4.8 -pPIC$target-device$ -f"$hex-filename$" -mpce -zv -dK

For powersupply from the target, no voltage must be specified:
-e -pPIC$target-device$ -f"$hex-filename$" -mpce -dK

PICKitPlus: Strongly recommended  :)
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