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A plugin interface for Positron Studio

Started by JohnB, Apr 10, 2022, 09:11 AM

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I am looking at the design of a plugin API that would work in a way similar to the original ProtonIDE API.

I would be interested in your views on if and how you would use it.  I will replicate the original commands as closely as possible but I question whether they are all necessary. Opinions would be welcome because I don't want to develop this if it is never going to be used.


I would suggest a plugin which allows some kind of programmable dialog. Imaging the power of a VBA or python to be able to process lines on the editor buffer.
Perhaps you're looking the other way around, which the studio will send command to other programs, rather than receive commands.


I suggest you take a look at the plugin manager that comes with the ProtonIDE. See ..\ProtonIDE\Plugin\PluginAPI.  The help file PluginMgr.chm tells it all.  I am planning on emulating that interface but am asking if all the functions are really necessary.  I am not planning to add a VBA style API.


Plugins will be very little in demand, it is better to make efforts to further improve Positron IDE.


@atomix You are probably right as Positron Studio has many of the functionality built in. e.g. fuse configurator.  With the PositronIDE this was implemented as a plugin.

What other improvements would you like to see in Positron Studio?

John Drew

Most of the extra functions I might require could just as easily be written as .EXE and easily run on a second monitor.
However the only two I used in the old IDE was Fuse Configurator and Pic TimerCalc (an .EXE anyway). The latter didn't cover all devices.
Personally I'm happy with current PS options.


Hello, good afternoon, it could be possible to add a USB configuration editor such as EasyHID and generate the code for visual studio, thanks for your attention, greetings




Como siempre gracias, amigo, saludos