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Universal Graphic Library

Started by atomix, Mar 09, 2022, 05:05 PM

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New Release.

Added new display - monochrome ST7565 128x64 ( )


Hi Atomix, where can I find the new code?

Many thanks,



New code in the first message.


Atomix, beautiful work !!!


Hi Atomix,

I am trying to compile your code on an 18F4550 with Xtal set to 48Mhz, but I just get compiler error but does not indicate where the error is. It does compile using the default 18F46K22, can you give me any indication as to what is going on.


see file "" and comment the line -> $error "Require CPU frequency set manual."


New Release.

- Added definition of LCD_MOSI and LCD_MISO pins (thanks Ivano)
- Changed order of coordinates to Print At x,y
- Extended range of values by 0...480 in Print At x,y command



Hello Atomix

I have bought a Waveshare W13587, (4" TFT Touch Shield 320x480 - ILI9486 Driver ). If I select $define LCD_USE_TFT2_350_320_480 in the file and save it then when I compile it gives an Error.
ERROR [Line13]: Input ended while scanning a comment or string! (

Could you Please tell me where to look to adjust these settings to sort out this error?
Thank you Atomix for such a Beautiful Library.

Kind regards


I compiled the sample program and not any error


It also compiles without problems for me.

Try downloading the library from the first post.

And you must have the latest compiler version.


Thanks Pepe, Atomix I Re-downloaded the UGL and now it complies thank you!
Regards Craig


New Release.

- Starting from version, the cPtrXX commands have been changed in the Positron compiler, so the functions for working with them have been fixed.


Hi Atomix.

Has something changed in the library for print at command?
Am using the latest version of your library and the newest compiler. With a SSD1306 it prints the text on the same lines irrespective of the line number.

Verified it on a 128 x 32 physical display and in Proteus using your example




try changing row by column in print at


That seems to work in the simulation.

Thanks Pepe, I don't know why I didn't try swapping the line and char position.. doh

Then noticed its in the update above.... getting old..



Hi is there a way to change the scaling size in the library. I have a ZJY169S0800TG01 , SPI display using a ST7789V2 with 240(RGB)x 280 Resolution.
It is working but, the scaling is out is there a way to set it in the Library? I have chosen the closest default size in the Library to it but it
is slightly out.
Kind Regards


You can try changing the description in the file ""

TBL_Raw(LCD_T_MAIN)     CData Word 240, Word 320, LCD_INI(0, 0, 0)

But if there are serious differences in working with your display, then you will have to completely write an initialization table for it.

But for now I don't have this display and I don't have time for it.


Thanks Atomix I will have to look at an Initialization table as it has Black & White Lines.