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Capture and decode Bluetooth

Started by See_Mos, Dec 22, 2021, 08:21 PM

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I just bought a new heater with Bluetooth remote but the operation of the remote is not very intuitive.

I am wondering if it would be possible to capture the data from the remote and use the information to build an alternative.

As I have no experience of Bluetooth I would be grateful for any ideas.


You can get a Bluetooth receiver module PCB. Connected it to a microcontroller, and pair it with the remote in question, then analyse the output from the receiver for buttons pressed on an LCD or serial terminal.

Or take a look at WireShark:

It is very good at decoding many protocols and is used extensively in forensics, and unfortunately, in stealing data from people (legally and illegally).
There are many, many links to sites showing how to use it, and here is one of them:


Hi Trevor,
You can try ESP8266 based nodemcu/esp32 pcbs. Very cheap and with builtin Wifi/Bluetooth.
Code written in either Arduino or Micropython


It would be possible to use an logic analyzer on the RX & TX line which gives a good debugging result with their decoding features.
There are inexpensive ones for 8 channel at 24 Msample, for few euros. To whom having the Pickit, there's a chance to be used as logic analyzer.


The handset and heater are sealed units so I will try the ESP8266 option first.