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Started by atomix, Nov 27, 2021, 09:05 PM

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Quote from: atomix on Feb 13, 2023, 10:46 AMUninstall this version of VSCode

Reinstall from here -
Select installation type - "System Installer"

P.S. Here is what I found on this issue -

i tried it  and issue is same  then i opened a error link at github  of Microsoft Vscode repo.


New Release 2.1.4

- Updated extension digital signature.


New Release 2.1.5

- Fixed that when starting VSCode, if the (*.inc) file was opened, then there was a large continuous load on the CPU.


It's always good to know that others also make mistakes when coding, so users understand that we are only humans and not infallible. Even though I have known people, and actually worked for some, who think they are infallible and it is always someone else's fault and not their's! :-)


New Release 2.4.0

- Fixed highlighting when displaying a Hover block (VSCode v1.78).


Thanks for all the work Atomix. This extension made it so much more pleasent to work with / program the PIC's...  ;D


Hello atomix I also thank you for your work greetings


Good afternoon with all, I am using positron for the first time, but I am getting the following error Scan devices -> Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Proton\Includes\PPI'
if you can guide me please.thanks


Hi Bryan,
First off, I think you have posted in the wrong section as I very much doubt you are using VSCode IDE if you are just starting.
I would suggest posting in the Lounge or Proton 8 (16) threads with a description of what you are doing that gives that error as we are not mind readers. I am only guessing but are you tring to compile a project. If so post the code as there is not a lot we can do to help without it.



Check that you have installed Positron in the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Proton"
To purchase Positron, please contact top204.


Would just like to thank you atomix for your work with this.
I'm new to VSC (though been a VS user for years) and it's really nice to be able to edit code using the VS style editor - I've been missing the way VS handles tabs and indenting and all the other cool features it offers.

There's no room for optimism in software or hardware engineering.


New Release 2.4.1

- Improved display in the window "Positron Editor".


Thanks Atomix for this beautiful work


New Release 2.4.5

- Improved compilation processing algorithm.


Many thanks Atomix.

QuoteImproved compilation processing algorithm

What is that?


This means that after the compilation process you can get its status, i.e. successful or not, and use this in a post-processing script, for example, issue a voice message about the success of the compilation.

To do this, copy the script from the folder indicated below to the folder with your file "source.bas"

An example script is here - "c:\Users\NameUser\.vscode\extensions\atomix.positron-x.x.x\files\example\positron.js"


Atomix, I am just starting to use VSCODE and like the setup.  I have an issue with the compile buttons when viewing the main.bas and an include file.  If I split the screen then the compile buttons are shown, however if I change the righthand screen to an include file then the buttons are masked?  Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry, my mistake, as its an .INC it cant be compiled and need to click on the main header to get them back.

All good.. Nice Job, very easy to use


in the first post -

in the picture "pic.gif" in position number "4"

what you have written, i.e. what is the association with the files "*.inc"

you can click on this element and select the association with the compiler "positron"


Awesome, thanks, Atomix. I really like the setup. Is there any way to highlight the line if the assembly fails?


There is only navigation to the line with the error when you hold down the "CTRL" key and then click on the mouse button on the line with the error in the "Output" window

For more details, see the animated picture in the post -