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Started by atomix, Nov 27, 2021, 09:05 PM

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New Release 1.9.5

- Much improved work smart mode highlight for the included files from the parent file.
- Updated file "main.json".


Hi Atomix,

  VSCode didn´t find this update. I´m running 1.9.3 now.

Ricardo Urio


What version of VSCode IDE do you have installed?

You need a version of at least 1.70


New Release 1.9.6

- Fixed call "programmer.cmd" from included files.


New Release 1.9.7

- Improved auto format function.



New Release 1.9.8

- Fixed the order of scanning the directories of included files.
- Fixed update of compiled file version when compiling from included files.
- Added navigation by errors in "Output" window for file "c:\path_to_project\A.S"
- Added new settings of the editor ("Format On Type", "Format On Save").
- Four code formatting modes are now available:
     1) Context Menu  -> "Format Document"                                  - formats the code when clicking on this menu item.
     2) Positron Menu -> "Settings" -> "pos.timeout.AutoFormat"    - formats the code on the fly with the specified timeout.
     3) Positron Menu -> "Editor"  -> "Format On Type"                  - formats the code when the user presses the "Enter" key in the code.
     4) Positron Menu -> "Editor"  -> "Format On Save"                  - formats the code when the user saves the file.


New Release 2.0.0

- Improved the "Find All References" function, when the text is not selected, the whole word search is used.
- Added parsing of variables, symbols and labels in the "Procedure" structure and separate highlighting for procedure parameters.
- Added separate highlight for "Subroutine", "Parameter".
- Changed the default highlight for dark themes.
- The group of keywords "Keyword" was divided into groups:
  "Keyword"                    - basic syntax and language constructs
  "KeywordMain"            - the main keywords of the language
  "KeywordType"            - types of declared variables or pins
  "KeywordModifier"       - modifiers for variables and built-in language commands
  "KeywordCommand"   - built-in commands and language functions

P.S. Need to reset all settings, as shown in the picture below:


New Release 2.0.4

- Added the ability to stop compilation using the "Terminate" button in the "Program is already running!" window.
- Added the ability to work extension under Linux (You will need to install Wine for the compiler to work).
- Various minor fixes.


New Release 2.0.7

- Fixed links in the "Positron About" window in the "Documents" tab.
- Updated database file "main.json".



is there a way to incorporate the Fuse configurator, written by John?


If you are talking about a separate EXE file then just copy it to c:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\Plugin\
and it will be available on the page "Positron Tools".


Quote from: atomix on Oct 15, 2022, 04:55 PMIf you are talking about a separate EXE file then just copy it to c:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\Plugin\
and it will be available on the page "Positron Tools".

That is this plugin. If it is possible to open it in VS Code, can you guide me how to get to the page "Positron Tools", can't find it under any drop-down menu?



Pic Fuse Configurator Mk2 works only as a plugin for Proton IDE.  :(

You can ask John to run it as a standalone EXE, if he's willing to do so (it was very cool to further promote the compiler in others IDE).

But he probably doesn't want to do it.


The Fuse Configurator is written specifically as a ProtonIDE Plugin and its functionality has been built in to Positron Studio.
Doubtless the Fuse Configurator could be converted to a standalone but unless there is a high demand I am reluctant to spend the time on it.


New Release 2.1.0

- Updated database file "main.json".
- Fixed webpages not working in VSCode 1.7.3.
- Added new setting of the editor ("Outline Collapse").
  (version of VSCode IDE 1.7.3 is required and also the developers fixed saving the structure of elements in the "Outline" panel when switching to another file).


New Release 2.1.2

- Updated database file "main.json" (color has been changed for "KeywordCommand").