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VSCode Positron

Started by atomix, Nov 27, 2021, 09:05 PM

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As stated, the IDE's current keyword list is in the " " file, within the ProtonIDE folder. :-)

This may help Atomix. Attached is a screenshot of the registry entry with the colours in the current IDE:



Les tell me where Proton IDE takes coloring for such words like: VarPtr, MemWrite_Int_Control ... etc.

In the file, I did not find them (words).

I make file database.json for VSCode Positron.


The VarPtr keyword is in the "" file, underneath the Val keyword's entry.

With the current IDE, all texts that follow the Declare" directive are coloured (Bold Brown), regardless whether they exist of not in the compiler, which is not a very helpful mechanism.


The extension will search for the file - "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\database.json", and if it is not there, it will take it out of its extension folder.

In this way, you can always deliver a fresh file (database.json) as part of its compiler.

It can also define new words for highlighting.


That looks excellent Atomix. I look forward to trying it out.

It also means I can add highlights for any new features I add to the compilers. :-)


New Release 1.2.4

Three weeks of round-the-clock work and ready new release.

- Added highlight editor, general settings editor and editor header for a new file.
- Added about page and page with programs.
- Added auto format.


How can we donate to you? (please not Paypal!)
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Better for me is the words "Thank you" from users.



Thank you Atomix for your time.

Long live for you


Hi @atomix

Great job, much appreciated. Thank you for the extension.

A quick review on updating to new version v1.2.4:

With: Positron VSC Extension v1.2.0 it does show the syntax highlighted, though if I do upgrade to v1.2.4 the highlighter is not applied.

If I revert to v1.2.0 the syntax highlighter is restored.

Current testing environment:

Win64 Machine
VSC v1.64
LangMF v1.0.2

Any hints, please?
GL & 73


If you are talking about the highlight of what is specified by the arrow, then until this highlight is not, I will make it later.


GL & 73


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This looks great Atomix!  :P
Soon I will try this IDE.
Many, many (* 16) thanks in advance!  :)
Ohm sweet Ohm |


Excellent work, atomix! I got two question:

- Some of Declare statements are not coloring in red (see the snippet), is this something that I can remedy in settings?
- Is it possible to include a link to the Positron/Proton manuals in the right-click menu, or somewhere else like in the original IDE?



1) I made a "database.json" file based on the original "" file.
If the file is not found in the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\" then it is taken from here "C:\Users\NameUser\.vscode\extensions\atomix.positron-x.x.x\files\database.json"
And in the future, LES will be able to update it in the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\database.json" and change it as he wants.

2) The VSCode IDE does not have the ability to create a dynamic menu, so I did it on the "About" page, so that when scanning a folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\pds\docs\", all files found to add to the links.


That is excellent. I noticed you have also added the assembler code viewer. :-)

Question.... How can I change all (Hex, Binary, Float and Decimal) numbers to red?


After the update, after clicking the "positron settings" button in the top right

A json file with color selections similar to the examples in the Positron user guide is attached.