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Started by atomix, Nov 27, 2021, 09:05 PM

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Quote from: top204How to change the colours of the syntax highlighting?
You may change theme or install new themes or i may create special theme for positron or set user fix color for group of tokens -

Quote from: top204and add keywords to the syntax etc...?
Doc -

Quote from: top204Also, how to get a sort of Code Explorer to show, so the include, header, files can be seen? i.e. A project.
This I will do later. While I am very busy.


New Release 1.0.1

Added displays a code outline tree in the explorer pane.


New Release 1.0.2

Added labels and removed duplicate items from outline


New Release 1.0.4

Added registers and alias bits for device by finding files *.ppi and *.def
Added highlight name procedures in full text


New Release 1.0.7

  • Improved analysis of the main designs of the compiler.
  • Added when you click on the item in the Includes group, the corresponding file is opening
  • Added setting "outline.showInRoot" that allows you to show the specified groups of elements
      in the root of the Outline panel. This will allow you when setting up "Outline -> Follow Cursor"
      move the selected item in the Outline panel.


New Release 1.0.9

- Added parse all files (by includes).
- Added highlight names (procedure, define, label) in full text

Who can put the rating, it is necessary for search results at the first places.


Atomix, I appreciate your work. Will it be possible to access the files with the extension "inc" attached to the project in future versions? Or will only their names continue to appear? We've used ProtonIDE for years, this access is habit-forming and hard to quit.

Best regards.


This is already implemented.

P.S. The only one must shift the cursor to another position if it is on the same line.


Yes you are right. While I was experimenting, I wanted to try with "". Those that are not next to the program file will not open.
For example:
"include "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\PDS\Includes\Sources\"

Didn't open them.

Thanks a lot for the information.


Files are first searched in the folders:

1) Current file directory
2) C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\PDS\Includes\
3) C:\Program Files (x86)\ProtonIDE\PDS\Includes\Sources\
4) C:\Users\NameUser\PDS\Includes\

P.S. I added a folder 3) in version 1.1.1


New Release 1.1.5

Added hovers show information about the symbol/object that's below the mouse cursor.  8)



New Release 1.2.0

- Added searching for the first definition of the device and its highlight for other files.
- Added smart mode highlight for the included files from the parent file.
- Added auto completion.


It just gets better and better, and many thanks.

However, I still cannot work out how to change the syntax highlighting, or add new commands to the syntax. Why have they not made it a menu option in "Settings" or "Configure" etc... It keeps coming up with something about a "JSON" file, but when I open it from the window, there is nothing in there for syntax!


I'm working on it now.

Explain in more detail what commands you want to add, and what the default highlight should be.


Thanks for your response Atomix.

The current commands and their Highlight status are held in the "" file, within the ProtonIDE folder. However, the colours associated with them are held in the registry, and would not be practical to list. i.e. $defines are a brownhish colour, and comments are an italicized dark bluish colour. :-)

What file holds the highlighting for the IDE, and where on the machine can it be found? There's a good chance it will be an XML type file, knowing Microsoft's love of bulk, but that is OK, because I understand the protocols of XML and have written a parser for it in the past. Once I know where the file is, I can make the changes and upload it so others can use it if they wish too.


The highlight is not stored in files.
But I will do as in Proton IDE. But I need a few days, it's a lot of work.


How is it stored for the IDE Atomix?

They must be stored somewhere for the seperate languages?


VSCode IDE itself built by the ELECTRON base.
IDE provides only editor.
Themes provide coloring for the main types of tokens.
Extensions provide text analysis and tokens from them.
Extensions have their own settings.  (Extensions are stored here - C:\Users\NameUser\.vscode\Extensions\)

Therefore, I will make the parsing file and the highlight editor as in Proton IDE.   But it takes time, so please wait a few days ...


You may find some help from TimB. He may give you the keywords list.
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