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Library for 8 X PCF8575C IO-Expander (128Bits)

Started by AlbertoFS, Jun 30, 2023, 08:06 PM

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This is a library for 8 X PCF8575C IO-Expander (128Bits).

The PCF8575C expander is the 16-bit version of the PCF8574A. It's the same build and also this expander has no configuration registers. What makes it immune to fatal configuration errors, especially for interruptions. The code is more complicated but the Chip is simpler to handle. You only have to configure the inputs and outputs and configure for each input whether it is a closed or open contact. (all very simple)
Thanks to the new technique that I have adopted in the PCF8574A, I have been able to easily adapt the code to this expander. It must be taken into account that this expander consumes fewer variables than the MCPs, which are more difficult to handle.
73's de EA3AGV