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Anybody using the Pickit 4?

Started by okmn, May 07, 2021, 07:35 AM

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Now you can also with a component analyzer see what type of diode it is that is broken.Even with a simple multimeter you can measure the voltage Vf if it is between 0.2 -0.4 V it could be a schottky diode if it is about 0.6 V a normal diode if it is higher than 0.7 V could be a zener.


Just to complete my previous comments from back in May, I have not received any response from Microchip regarding a list of passive parts used in the pickit 4.  The only correspondence from Microchip came yesterday, 13 Aug 21.  I guess we may conclude that components used in the pickit 4 are top secret!


While Microchip may WANT to consider those modules to be disposable, for what they charge, most users can't just plunk down considerable $$$/£££/€€€ every time these get zapped.  Many of the same users of u-controllers are equally well versed in electronics hardware, and would take a stab at repair (even with long odds).

While disclosing their embedded firmware on these units is unreasonable to expect, the identity and values of protection diodes and other sacrificial protection components is not!

Back when Atmel and Microchip were competing for engineering and hobbyist loyalty, programmers like the PicKit 2 were considered a loss leader in order to get users to line up behind PIC devices.  Now, with few serious contenders to threaten the monopoly, Microchip can use their programming modules to soak customers without worrying about users taking money out of their left pocket, just to stick it into their right pocket.  Nice if you can get it!  Sigh...

John Drew

I see there is a move to legally require "repairability" in some countries.


QuoteMicrochip SAR Administrator replied to my email and informed that a new one would be sent within 24 hours.
Since they replace them for free I don't know why anyone's complaining.

I had two of the original PK4's. Since they came out with a change notice I was going to modify them,
but instead I dropped them an email saying I wanted to get updated ones.

Two days later 2 brand new ones showed up at my door. With service like that they can keep the schematics.


I stand corrected then... apparently knowledge isn't power.