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ILI9341 Flosi and Les code

Started by John Drew, Jun 21, 2021, 06:29 AM

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In the SSD1306 library in the download area is the Proton Fontconverter.exe from Les. With this you can translate Windows fonts to Positron.



Hi John,flosigud,Dompie

I have tried a few converters also fontconverter.exe that works perfect for the st7735 but not for the ili9341 display  :)

@flosigud i will take a look at the Graphics Resource Converter.

John,flosigud,Dompie thank you



Hi flosigud,

microchip grc was the solution, now it is time to use notepad++ find and replace function  ;D

Thanks again,



The problem is not the ILI9341 but the library software that controls the ILI9341. The different font converters use different formats to store and administer the different characters in a font. The driver software for the ILI9341 uses a proprietary format that you can get from that driver software and then you can adjust a generated font to the need of the ILI9341 software driver. The biggest differences are in the first administrative blocks of data of a font and sometimes in the bit patterns of the characters themselves, but you can see that in the administrative information.
Ergo read the source of the routine that puts a character on the display and you can deduce the structure of the font.



I know this is an old thread but just started looking at using this driver how much work would it be to convert the routines to parallel?




Converting the ILI9341 driver to parallel will be very straightforward if looking at the library I created, because it is modular and the setup stays, nearly, the same. The graphics and font procedures would need very little change. The same for the SSD1306 display.

I always prefer a parallel interface becuase they are a lot faster that SPI on microcontrollers that do not have huge amounts of ooooommmmffff, and become outdated and harder to get within a few years of use.


Try the "Wayback Machine", it might have something if you are really lucky