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Q40 series support

Started by acel, Jun 04, 2021, 11:03 AM

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18F04Q40,18F06Q40,18F14Q40,18F15Q40,18F16Q40 will support positron?


Yes... In future upgrades.

Microchip have changed so much for the new devices, it is not a simple creating of new files for them. They have changed the assembler and directives required, and the files required, and some of the RAM mechanisms even further. So it is a big task to get the brand new devices into the Positron8 compiler, but it will happen.

At the moment, there is about a year's lead time for the new Q devices, so anyone that is planning to use them in a current project, really, needs to look at the more mature 18F devices that are still readily available.


I whole hardheartedly agree with Les on any Q series pic. I designed a product using it then went to buy a couple of chips to test a new board version. Found out it none were available until November. Only version available was a tiny  QFN-40 version so had to very quickly retrack the board (and screw it up) order a set of 50 boards to be populated using the little stock of that version that was around at the time. Then fix the screwed board. (££££) Luckly they spotted the error in the foot print but still had to buy another 50 boards.

I note now that even the QFN-40 version is out of stock.  Although they now seem to be expecting stock of the original part in a few weeks.


It's not just the Q series or Microchip, it's all IC's from pretty much all vendors.
Most mfgs are quoting at least 6 months to a year delivery.

If you need a part good luck finding it.


i started design packgage adaper pcb for dıl40 ic to tqfp and qfn type ic
this issue seriouse problem in the world.


From day one of creating the compiler, I have seen people wanting the "new" device, regardless if existing devices can do exactly the same job at the same speed and have the same peripherals etc... :-)

When a device comes out that has something absolutely new and absolutely incredible and absolutely practical, I will break my neck to get one and get it into the compiler, but PIC microcontrollers are now Frankenstein Monsters, and a mix-up of existing devices. i.e. Bastardisations of each other, so their is nothing "really" new or better about the Q devices at all! If they had "true" multi-bit DAC peripherals or increased speeds or hardware divide etc, it would be different, but they do not, and they have, essentially, the same as the existing 18F devices such as the PIC18FxxK42. Some are starting to increase the RAM inside them, but that also comes with penalties because the architecture of the microcontroller itself is not suitable, so new, multi-part, mnemonics are being introduced, that are slightly larger and slightly slower to use, but my optimisation of the Positron8 compiler gets around that 90% of the time because I take the time to understand the microcontroller's architecture and find workarounds with standard mnemonics where appropriate. :-)