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About UMC loader & PIC33 series

Started by Yasin, May 15, 2021, 01:43 PM

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Hello to everyone. I am using UMC loader for PIC18 series hex file uploads. Its unidirectional (loading purpose only) operation is very nice. It does not allow HEX to be stolen easily from inside the MCU. I think the only flaw is that he writes in eprom while writing. It would be better if it was optional. In summary, I am satisfied with the UMC loader. Do you think the UMC loader is easily adaptable for PIC33? I want to know your opinion. My idea is to adapt the asm file of UMC to positron and use the same UMC loader exe. I don't have any PIC33 MCU at the moment. I will test it after I get it.

Best regards.


You are better off with the Tiny Multi Bootloader from here:

It is maintained, somewhat, and the source code for both the supported microcontrollers and the PC are supplied. The PC program is written in dreadful C#, but I have used it and the Positron8 board's bootloader is based upon it. I had to create a microcontroller version for the PIC18F27K42 devices, but I was able to do it in the Positron8 language.

The Tiny bootloader slightly covers the dsPIC33 devices, but the mechanism is fairly straightforward. It's just a matter of findiong what peripheral differences Microchip have made for the particular device, and the flash memory erase size and block write size.