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About Device Information Area (DIA)

Started by Yasin, May 16, 2021, 11:48 PM

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Hi friends. I came across some information while reviewing the advanced PIC18 datasheet. Since my English was not good, I could not be sure if I understood it correctly. "DEVICE INFORMATION AREA" DIA section. It is said that the data here is unique for each MCU and cannot be changed. If so, I saw it as a useful feature.
For example; We did a project for a client. He will do the physical production himself. In accordance with the agreement, we delivered the HEX file. As per the agreement, we will receive payment for each mcu upload.
Question: Since the data in the DIA region is unique, can we use this for activation? E.g; Is it used to activate the software by entering a key (using a robust algorithm) via USB port or serial port or via the keypad?
Question; Can we have our designs produced as programmed without hesitation?


It caught my attention too (I never knew about this before your message).

but as far as I understand this region (dia store) is just a read only section.
I gathered all the related topics in one place.
I guess some of what you said/your ideas can be done if you give the pic mcu itself.

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