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Is it possible?

Started by Parmin, Apr 18, 2021, 10:59 PM

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I like both Positron studio and Fineline IDE's

Positron studio seems to offer a lot more tools than Fineline, however, Fineline is definitely a great tool to check your loops and I LOVE the auto indenting to make my code look more presentable.
Lately, I have been writing on Positron Studio and then open the file on Fineline to check and tidy up my codes  ::)

Is it possible for both developers to make a combined IDE?
The end result would be a tool that would be a lot more useful I think.


I am happy to share my code with @normnet but the programs are based on a different set of underlying controls so I don't know how amenable the 2 programs would be to merging. If Norm is watching this topic I am sure he will respond. 


The FL editor is written with SynEdit as is Proton IDE and I believe Positron is another editor.  I'm not sure Positron's code collapse would be compatible with auto indent and FL's bracketing.  Been there tried that.


@normnet I have very briefly taken a look at SynEdit.  Whilst it would be quite a task, I think it might be possible to move from ADVMemo to SysnEdit but I would like to know what functionality will be lost moving to SynEdit?  It would be great if we could bring the two IDEs together.


What a fantastic idea. I have tried both and like Parmin have had a go at using both together.
Hope it's not too much of a headache for you developers out there, you ALL do a great job and it's a huge thanks from me.



Ohh a combination of the two would be great!!!! If that could be possible, wauw



Combination would be great!! i do want to say i think it would be even more awesome to create an extension plugin 'Positron' in visual code. Don't know very much about it but do know many people use it.. even for arduino. Me not smart enough to start with this but i do think if this can be done it would bring us family to a next level if you ask me.


It would be amazing. If the VSCode editor is adapted.


Really Atomix!!!  You actually enjoy using the Visual Studio IDE? :-O

I've used it for a few projects for the ESP32 devices and I find it large and obstructive. It's not as bad as MPLABX. i.e. NetBeans, (could anything be as bad as MPLABX?) but it is still bulky and slow, but that is what Microsoft do now... Slow, bulky and inefficient apps and operating systems LOL. Sad but true unfortunately!


VSCode != Visual Studio IDE   (This is completely different IDE.)

I use VSCode to highlight the JavaScript and LangMF code (see the extension of LangMF in VSCode), it is very flexible configured and there are many other feature.

And basically I use NotePad ++

John Lawton