dsPIC33CK64MC105 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit and Positron16

Started by Wimax, May 26, 2024, 04:58 PM

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Hello friends !  ;D

I was about to buy the dsPIC33CK64MC105 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit to start familiarising myself with the dsPIC33CK series, also attracted by the low cost of the board (€25), but also of the single microcontroller when... I realised that it is not among those supported by Positron16  :'( . I have identified the dsPIC33CK256MP508 at the moment, obviously of a higher class, for which an EVB from Microchip is available and which is supported by Positron16. Is support also planned in the future for the dsPIC33CKxxMC series and in particular for the "small" dsPIC33CK64MC105 ?


Devices will be added to the compilers as time passes, but you must remember, I am a lone developer with very few finances and no financial backing, so I have to use my time to actually allow me and my wife to survive, and I work most of the time. :-)

I wish it were the reverse, but the finances supplied by the compilers would not feed a dog or very long, and I mean that literally. :-)


If you are a commercial entity then Les may add this for a consultancy fee. We did this when we needed a specific MCU adding and it was a good deal as if you need that specific processor then you can save alot time and money.  This obviously depends on his workload and if he deems it's worth his effort as some of the newer processors are riddled with bugs and the process of bringing another processor online required a hell of alot of testing prior to release.


Of course I fully understand how much time and work it can take to add new devices, also considering the testing phase afterwards.
In my case there are no business reasons, the dsPIC33CK64MC105 came about only after I had found a compact and inexpensive evaluation board that would allow me to get to grips with a not-too-complex micro of the CK series without having to invest too many resources.
My question was aimed more at testing the ground to see if the dsPIC33CKxxMC series had already been discarded or perhaps evaluated for future Positron16 upgrades in Les' roadmap.  ;)