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Started by top204, Jan 31, 2021, 01:57 PM

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A pleasure to meet you again after a few months out of circulation.
I'm glad that you and Les continue to move forward with this great compiler.
A pleasure to be here again and a big greeting to all. :)  :)


Morning Chaps.  Guess this is the latest home for Proton?

So whats new then?


Stephen Moss

Quote from: JONW on Apr 27, 2021, 09:36 AMSo whats new then?
A change in name to Positron and a new IDE (Positron Studio), although FineLine is still available if you were using that.
New dongle free licencing, updates will still be free but upgrades (new devices/functions) will need to be paid for and purchased directly from Les (top204), search the forum for detials.
Apart from that not much, many of the old forum users have made it over to here but some have not (so far).


I got a serious fright when I checked the old Proton website was cancelled. I thought oh no! I won't go back to PBP >:( . So I wrote an e-mail to Les and got a reply the same day and he said the application is now called Positron instead of Proton. I said to myself well in nuclear physic a positron is an anti-electron which is formed by a decay of a proton which leave you a neutron (ex proton) and a neutrino. Hopefully the positron will not hit an electron otherwise kaboom. Sorry I digress here but I couldn't help.
Thank you so much Les and everyone involved to have kept that great application alive.



Welcome  @Yves


old proton user here.. with new Positron as of today ;D


Hi Dolci!  Welcome back!  You'll find many of your old friends here.



Long time Dolci.  Welcome back

John Drew

G'day Dolci
A blast from the past :-)
Welcome back.
from down under


Thank you Rick and John.. still trying to understand this beast (Positron) it's been a long time ;D


Welcome back Dolci.

Regards Joe


thanks joe👋


Quote from: keytapper on Feb 05, 2021, 07:44 PM
QuoteYeah, where's Fanie?

Whatever happened, it wasn't me  :o


Welcome back Fanie, you have been a much missed friend. :-)

John Lawton

Second coming Fanie?


Quote from: Fanie on Jun 14, 2023, 11:24 AMWhatever happened, it wasn't me  :o
It's my time to be not active here. I got back to my motherland for some therapies, all of my interest are frozen in Malaysia.
Ignorance comes with a cost


Hello everyone,
I already got the license for the Positron compiler.
This way I will be able to carry out more projects with new PICs.
73's de EA3AGV