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Started by top204, Jan 31, 2021, 01:57 PM

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Let me add my thanks to OG and GEVV for setting this up... 
I came to the inevitable conclusion yesterday that the forum site was down.
Took a while searching - but persistence seems to have its rewards.


What has happened to the previous site? I was away a few months and now return to a totally different setup
We trust in God, the rest we monitor


Is the compiler being revised or developed still?
We trust in God, the rest we monitor



Nice that we can continue with this wonderful top compiler from Les Johnson: Proton PIC Basic
And compliments to those who managed to get this back on track so quickly! :)
Ohm sweet Ohm |


Nice to see everybody here ! Thank you GEVV ! And ever thank you Les ! :-)

Ricardo Urio


If you are already running registered compilers, the above installer will update them to the full versions Proton8 and Proton24 However, if the compilers are not registered, it is a Trial Setup for them. The trial version compiles fully, but supports only a few devices if no registration has been previously purchased. The installer is checked for viruses and trojans before it is uploaded and the Google drive itself checks for any issues within it, so it should be a safe download.


I have a very large and important projects on the proton. And I'm glad that proton is still alive. I am very grateful to Les Johnson for this work.


Fortunately, I have found the new home of the new Proton site. Thank you OG and Gevv for arranging this site in such a short time. Since I don't have Facebook, it took some searching, but it worked.
Let's just get on with supporting each other in using that great Proton compiler. Les thanks again.



I may say that the old avatars are pretty useful to recognize each other. I'll fix mine too.
Ignorance comes with a cost


This is great, I love the new forum and it is good to see that user location is back, must update my details.

I see some user names that I have not seen previously.  I wonder if any of the old members have chosen new names?


Thank you all  for the new Proton site !  This one is much better !


Hi there fellow Protons and Les,

I am so relieved to have found the new home for Proton. Thank you to everyone involved.

And a special thanks to Les for creating and supporting this fantastic compiler.

Leon Joubert,
South Africa.


Good luck everyone
The best thing I know is that I know nothing


Thanks everybody for their efforts.
Best regards.


Quote from: See_Mos on Feb 04, 2021, 12:35 PMI wonder if any of the old members have chosen new names?
Yeah, where's Fanie?
Ignorance comes with a cost


I wish you success for your new form site.

Stephen Moss

Quote from: keytapper on Feb 05, 2021, 07:44 PMYeah, where's Fanie?
I know he has not been as prolific a poster as he was the last couple of years, if there was a corresponding drop in checking the forum he may not be aware of what has happened.

I do not know the ins and outs of what happened and who said what to whom as I do not normally check the forum at the weekend, so seeing it down Monday morning and then that message came as a complete surprise. I was waiting to see if the old one would return after a few days as people may have calmed down and perhaps reconsidered any knee jerk reactions or updated the message to point to a new forum if the old one was not going to return.

I only found this place because I installed the latest version of Proton Studio to check it out and the link in the help brought me here, if it had not it may have taken me a while to find being unaware of its creation.


I'm happy to see the forum continue.
Proton is a great compiler


I was worried, thanks for still being here