Positron Corrections Update

Started by top204, Jan 14, 2024, 07:48 PM

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Here is a "free" Positron8 and Positron16 compilers update that adds items and corrects some anomalies that have crept into them.

Positron Corrections Update

Run the downloaded update executable, and it will update the Positron Compilers with the additions and corrections listed below.

Corrections made in version of Positron8
Corrected some 24-bit multiplies using Long variables. Sometimes, a compiler system variable was not created for particular combinations of multiplications using different variable types with a Long variable, and it caused an assembler error.

Corrected Xtal values 40 (Mhz), 48 (MHz) and 64 (MHz) when running an enhanced 14-bit core device over its official spec. It was previously locking the program because of the Subwfb mnemonic not operating exactly the same as an 18F device.

The addition and correction updates, and all future "upgrades", are for the Positron compilers only. The, now redundant, Proton compilers will not function if the updates are installed over them. To upgrade to the Positron compilers, please message me here on the forum, and I will give the details for the Payment of only £39.99 to Paypal.