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Started by Volker, Mar 10, 2021, 01:29 PM

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Hi everyone

I recently posted for help regarding the MikroElectronika GSM Click and as TOP204 mentioned they are quite expensive.
@ TOP204, I took your advice and got myself a SIM800. Nice little module. As mentioned before this is a total new experience for me and of course a learning curve.
I am using a PIC18F452 in an application where I am measuring battery voltage, Solar voltage and Temperature and a few digital Inputs.
What I am planning to do is to send this data via http to a web server. I would really appreciate some sample code to get me going. In my application I wont be receiving data, just sending the info maybe a few times per day, or should an alarm condition, for example low battery voltage occur data needs to be send to a web server

Any help with appreciated




Hi V,
Attached is some code i wrote a few years back that included a SIM800 and was written for a PIC24. First look at the main.bas and you will see calls to subs that set up and operate the SIM800. The subs are in the SC_SIM800-1.bas file. I have included the configuration file that may also be useful?

You will have to pick your own way through this stuff but it's all written in a logical way so strip out all the stuff that's unnecessary in main and config then you should be good to go.

Good luck


Also, to get started and before you write code on a pic, connect the SIM up to a serial terminal via a usb to serial cable and play with the AT commands, confirm you can talk to the unit BEFORE writing any code. I guarantee you will have less grey hair 🤔


Thanks Ray, much appreciated

Have an awesome day



Hi V

Have a look at the code Example Section I posted some basic Code for the Ublox G100 Module which is similar to the Simcom unit.
It will give you a good idea of how to get going. Ray's Advice is Excellent with regards of how to start by just testing the Sim800
on a terminal program first.


Thanks Craig,
I really do appreciate all the help KI can get

Hope you guys have a good weekend

kind regards