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Library for 8 x 7Segments Display By Interrupt

Started by AlbertoFS, Jul 03, 2023, 07:53 AM

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That is a library to drive from 2 to 8 X 7 segment displays. The multiplexing is done by interruption at 6mS (which the user can change) It is an old code updated with the new Procedures.
The code is compatible for cathode and common anode displays. Choose the option in the main program. The number of displays is chosen in the library.

Edit: 04/07/2023 Fixed error.
73's de EA3AGV


A nice library Alberto.

In your code, you should use Access instead of System after variables that you want to remain in low RAM (Access RAM on 18F devices).

I added the Access directive quite a few years ago, and they will sit above the compiler's System variables and be in low RAM if they can be contained in it, if not they will move up RAM into bank 1, and below the Bit variable holders that also reside in Low (Access) RAM.