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Started by Colin G3YHV, May 18, 2023, 01:44 PM

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Colin G3YHV

I am using the include file
all working well but lots of the colours are not recognized by the compiler

From the include file ....

' Set some RGB565 colours
$define clBlack          %0000000000000000
$define clBrightBlue     %0000000000011111
$define clBrightGreen    %0000011111100000
$define clBrightCyan     %0000011111111111
$define clBrightRed      %1111100000000000
$define clBrightMagenta  %1111100000011111
$define clBrightYellow   %1111111111100000
$define clBlue           %0000000000010000
$define clGreen          %0000010000000000
$define clCyan           %0000010000010000
$define clRed            %1000000000000000
$define clMagenta        %1000000000010000
$define clBrown          %1111110000000000
$define clLightGray      %1000010000010000
$define clDarkGray       %0100001000001000
$define clLightBlue      %1000010000011111
$define clLightGreen     %1000011111110000
$define clLightCyan      %1000011111111111
$define clLightRed       %1111110000010000
$define clLightMagenta   %1111110000011111
$define clYellow         %1111111111110000
$define clWhite          %1111111111111111

$define clGray0          %1110011100011100
$define clGray1          %1100011000011000
$define clGray2          %1010010100010100
$define clGray3          %1000010000010000
$define clGray4          %0110001100001100
$define clGray5          %0100001000001000
$define clGray6          %0010000100000100

the bright ones work. if I set cllightGrey  for example the text does not get highlighted
as the other ones do
whats going on here  ?
using latest positron
I get error "item not found"


Quote from: Colin G3YHV on May 18, 2023, 01:44 PMif I set cllightGrey  for example the text does not get highlighted

American English and British English ... Gray and Grey  ;)

Colin G3YHV

Ha Ha . well spotted I was looking at that for ages and missed it 
( its an age thing ! )
Colin G3YHV


I did not realise the differences myself when I created the code. :-) But I always makes sure I use the correct spelling for "Analogue" and "Colour", and "Aluminium". :-) LOL

To make the colours into the English spelling as well as the American spelling, you can add extra $defines for the preprocessor:

$define clLightGrey clLightGray
$define clDarkGrey clDarkGray
$define clGrey0 clGray0
$define clGrey1 clGray1
$define clGrey2 clGray2
$define clGrey3 clGray3
$define clGrey4 clGray4
$define clGrey5 clGray5
$define clGrey6 clGray6

Colin G3YHV

Thanks Les  -  good idea!