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SSDlite library for OLED display on 12F1840 like PIC's

Started by Dompie, Mar 07, 2023, 10:18 AM

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Display upper and lower case characters, numerals and punctuation on OLED display
with SSD1306 or SSD1315 processor (ascii 32 to 122 incl).
The characters can be scaled in both Y and X directions from 1 to 7 times the standard size.
Characters printed via Positron Print commands with I2C via Hardware or Software (HBUS or BUS).

Very useful for PIC 12F1840 (8 pin) because SSDlite does not use 1K RAM for the display.                                                   
A video of the possibilities on a 12F1840 with software I2C is included.

Based on @david his Font, ideas and demo here in the WIKI



Hi gentlemen. I have a small problem when using the SSDLite Library :

My software is running without any problem, and I display what I want on a KY34 display.

But, when I compile my basic program, I have the following WARNING displayed message about line 290.

Results  WARNING [Line 290]  : Paranthasis may be missing surrounding a function call within the expression (

I'm unable to resolve this message (and so, I cannot display the results of the compilation, as number of bytes occupied by my software, ...).

Is it a known "problem" ?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my bad enlish  ;)


If the code is working, the compiler is giving a warning of something it does not fully understand and may compile incorrectly, so find the line where the warning occurs and change it so the compiler does not see a possible error occuring.

I have tightened some syntax checking over the years and this may be one of the tightenings for the newly created procedures mechanism added to the language.

Or you can disable Warning messages by using: Declare Warnings = Off (see page 419 of the PDF manual), but that is not recommended.


Hi, thanks for your answer. The line presenting a problem is inside the "" library, (Results  WARNING [Line 290]  : Paranthasis may be missing surrounding a function call within the expression (, and not inside my program. I prefer to not disable Warning messages. Thanks for your help


What compiler version are you using?

I have just downloaded Dompie's "SSDlite-v1.20" code and compiled it with the latest compiler and a few earlier compilers down to version and no warning messages are given.


Hi, I've bought two years ago this compiler : "Positron Compilers Setup for Bruno Savornin -".


You really need to update the compiler, because they are always being maintained with new commands and directives, and any anomalies that have crept in are corrected. The free updates can be found here on the forum.

Or upgrade the compilers for the newer devices to be used.


Hello, thank you for your valuable help. I just updated the compiler with version 4038, and everything is back to normal. It's awesome. Has there been an update to the manual? Thanks again  :D

John Lawton

That's great that you can now make progress.

I would point out that the compiler is currently on version via this upgrade:,2062.0.html

This is such a low cost upgrade which importantly supports the compiler author in continuing his great work.