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Will the new Q41 chips be supported?

Started by Ioannis, Jan 28, 2023, 06:06 PM

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I wonder if the Q41 series chips will be supported by the compiler please?


Stephen Moss

From this thread it appears that some devices may be supported in the next payed for upgrade


Thank you for the reply. Looking forward for the upgrade.



The Q40 and Q41 devices will be supported, and some other of the newer devices. However, with moving house and trying to get funds together etc, it has been delayed somewhat.

I have the compiler and the assembler and the devices just about finished, so I need to get them all together and create an "upgrade" ASAP.

They are really nice devices, and with Jon giving me a Nano 18F board with the Q41 device on it, it has given me a much better test platform than my devices soldered to SOIC to DIL PCBs.


That is great! Thank you for the reply. Better be sure and release an error free compiler, so take your time.

Besides I am new to this compiler and have long road to get familiar with. Lots of questions for the ins and outs of it.



Hi Les, I offered this before but I have microchip original (and  I expect, Chineese imitation) of the PIC18F47Q84-E/PT. I have them both.. If you need them to test, I can send them.. I can also send them soldered on a PCB, So you can program them and test them.. The offer stays open if that helps you...


Hi Les, I do  not want to pressure you, but I really would like to start developing for my 18F47Q84 chips while my current 18F46k22 chips are completely full and I cannot develop further and I have some people waiting for me to build something new... 

Do you have any idea approximately when you will have these new chips supported, so I can give them an answer when I can start developing?

Sorry that I ask..

And still, make it a good price.. You can even make it an special (marked-up) early adapter price... That is normal for a lot of products...