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Instruction manual for Positron16 - hpwm section

Started by mhalsan, Nov 19, 2022, 10:36 PM

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Question regarding HPWM, in the Positron16 manual, page 171
---- Quote:
Channel is a constant value that specifies which hardware PWM channel to use (1 to 5). must
be the same on all channels. It must be noted, that this is a limitation of the devices not the
compiler. The data sheet for the particular device used shows the fixed hardware pin for each
---- End Quote

I'm not following this. I understand that the PWM channels are fixed in hardware to specific pins, but what is it that "must be the same on all channels?" I think there's a word missing or a typo of some kind.

Thanks, Mark


The missing word is Frequency must be the same on all channels.