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Tools, methods for eeprom audio applications

Started by gevv, Sep 26, 2022, 09:48 AM

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It can be useful for eeprom audio applications.

My experiment with 4 languages and sound effects and sound processing

00:07 General description
01:45 Circuit diagram PCB drawing
01:53 Test 1
02:15 Test 2
02:31 Test 3
02:41 Test 4
03:02 Test 5
03:12 Test 6
03:22 Download google translate translation voice
04:05 Recording Audiocity MP3 file as WAV
04:56 Reducing WAV file size with BTC Soun encoder program
05:45 Reducing the noise of the WAV file with the Frhed hex editor program
06:17 Converting WAV file to HEX file with PonyProg program (or .bin, .e2p, .mot, .csm, .rom, .epp)
07:04 Creating a reduced size WAV file with Goldwave program
09:09 Volume down for PWM working limit with Goldwave program

00:07 General circuit description
01:27 Circuit diagram
01:32 PCB drawing
01:37 Test 1 Canary voice
02:22 Test 2 Nightingale voice
03:15 The module I use to load the Flash IC
03:45 Converting audio file
07:07 Notes




An excellent post.

I do something similar for a toy I am developing, but I use "SOX" to create a WAV file with a lower bit-rate and "Levatator" to normalise the sound file before I use the WAV file's data for output, so the volume and quality are excellent, even with 8-bit and 10-bit audio that can be output via a PWM pin. Over time, I have found that 12-bit audio is very good and can be output via an inexpensive DAC chip.