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DDS AD9850 SPI controller Ver.2-added sweep function

Started by basiclover, Sep 22, 2022, 03:36 PM

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this version needs a 4x20 alphanumeric LCD
hardware change compared to Ver.1 : added synchronization pulse output on Port A0 for sweep display on scope
reworked schematic with digikey schematic on line
added user manual


Thank you for posting your project.  I will add it to my other AD9850 files.

I started a similar project using the AD9833 some years ago but never finished it.


DDS is not something I have looked into in detail, still use PLL's and IQ Modulators, however this device looks very ideal for creating simple low frequency modulated sources, FSK, BPSK and QPSK etc.  Some irrelevant info: I was at a Keysight conference this week and they showed a demo of the latest 230GHz!! PNX VNA developed for 6G and beyond comms which is basically a VNA, Spectrum analyser, Noise Figure Analyser, scalar analyser and a vector signal analyser in one box for extracting standard Amplitude and Phase in addition to non-linear and power derived measurement statistics.  Keysight engineers had to develop a custom DDS can run to 6GHz (then multiplied) with staggering phase and amplitude resolution required to compute can calibrate the instrument.  They even joked that an engineer working during lockdown noticed that there was just enough memory left in the DDS Core that they could embed a limited but very impressive 6000 sample length ARB to add internally generated modulated signals to the measurement platform. Of course this is now another option $$$