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Files not opening

Started by See_Mos, Oct 16, 2022, 04:20 PM

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Hi John,
I finally bought a Windows 11 64 bit PC, mainly because my old W7 was too slow for some programmes.

A couple of things that I have noticed, I think I asked about the first one before, but I cannot remember.

Opening file explorer, double clicking a .BAS file does not open it, neither does right clicking the file then clicking 'Open'.  It's the same even if Positron Studio is already open.  Opening the file from within Studio works fine.  The files are showing the Positron Studio icon.

There is no indication of why compilation fails if a .INC file cannot be found if the .INC file contains the declaration for device speed.

Lastly an unimportant one, clicking about shows Windows 10 Pro instead of 11 Pro 


Hello See_Mos

Thank you for your post.  I had moved to W10 and the word dreadful just does not come close to describing how "difficult, horrible, and awful" the operating system is.  I placed W10 on a new drive and saved the old W7 drive in tact.  The main reason for moving to W10 was compatibility with newer versions of KiCad and other programs.  But I am left wondering if issue 11 is just a facade using 10 as an engine and changing virtually nothing by way of improvement and collecting thousands of millions of $.  I wouldn't put anything past Microlost Corp. 

Also, I miss your IC dip arachnid from the old forum....

Best regards



It will be a few years before I move to Windows 11. I currently use Windows 10 64-bit for general use and the building of the compiler, and it took a while to get used to this dreadful O/S, and a few plugin programs to make it look and feel like Windows XP and Windows 7. :-) But it does have quite a few querks in its operations.

I still think Windows XP was as close as it gets to the perfect operating system, and add-ons would have sufficed to make it more protected. But as HAL mentioned, that would not have generated millions of pounds by making unrequired changes and actually making things worse. LOL


Hi Hal,
I agree, I am getting seriously annoyed with W11 already.  I spent over two hours trying to get Microsoft Mail to recognise my email addresses. I tried many different methods including from Microsoft's own website.  In the end I gave up and installed Thunderbird and within minutes I was up and running.  Another thing, I created a folder with a unique name and when I searched for it using File Explorer it offered me no less than five locations.

Rant over!

I'll fire up the old confuser and bring back the bug or the destroyed speaker

John Lawton

Quote from: top204 on Oct 17, 2022, 08:22 AM...I currently use Windows 10 64-bit for general use and the building of the compiler, and it took a while to get used to this dreadful O/S, and a few plugin programs to make it look and feel like Windows XP and Windows 7. :-) But it does have quite a few querks in its operations
I still use Windows 7 but with Open-Shell to tame the Start menu, making it more like XP. Open-Shell works with Win 7 - Win 10 so I will be able to 'upgrade' when I have to without joining 'The Borg'.


A correction to my first post.

If Studio is closed then double clicking on a file or clicking Open in File Explorer opens Positron Studio.  It is only if Studio is already open that the files do not open.


I find it very frustrating that when I need Windows10 in a hurry, it's just done, or is doing, a bloody update!
How do you guys deal with this? I've tried "disabling updates" but they've started again.


John Drew

G'day Charlie,
I believe that when updates are disabled it only does so for a short time. This seems to be normal behaviour.

John Lawton


I have found there is nothing like a well deserved rant now and then.  Particularly when one fees helpless against a giant company with the corporate goal that states: their way is the only way.  And they have long ago lost touch with those of us stuck with their "product".  I wish I knew more about Windows, but at the same time, all I really want is an operating system that will enable the programs such as Positron which I really want to use.  Not convert all the (.pdf) files to some new format without my permission.  Very rude!!!   
End of rant...

See_Mos thanks for the putting the "BUG" back!  It's great to see it again!

John thanks for the program and the site to make W10 more useful!  May I dare to say friendly?  I will be applying those fixes to it his weekend.

And thanks to all the great people on this forum!

I am off to try to tame a really bad piece of software....

Best regards


I use a similar plugin to John and it is: Classic-Shell. From here:

I have used it ever since I had no choice but to move up to Windows 10 for development, and it makes the O\S look and feel like a decent Windows version again.

I also use ShellFolderFix, so that the explorer windows remember their last positions and sizes, which, for some inexplicable reason, Micro$oft removed from Windows 8 onwards???

I still cannot believe that Micro$oft have also altered the FAT32 format they now implement!!! It is different to standard FAT32 for some truly stupid reason, and there are an awful lot of units out their that do not recognise an SD card when it is formatted in Windows FAT32. Why are they sooooooooooooooooo stupid and ignorant? Are they politicians in disguise, or wanna-be politicians? :-)

My rant over as well for today. :-)

John Lawton

Hi Les,

I always enjoy a good rant, keep it up!



Ranting a little more: Les, I think you are right about MS changing FAT format for monetary reasons. We stayed in a major hotel n London this weekend and I was somewhat surprised to see that breakfast was only £15. So we queued up this morning only to find that breakfast now was £19.50!  Some obscure small-print pointed out that it is only £15 if you order it the day before, but we hadn't seen it. More £££££ of course.


Thanks for the link to an updated_stopping_method. The World is going mad in many respects; England seems to be the front-runner at the moment.