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Notepad++ & Kate highlighters for positron

Started by keytapper, Aug 25, 2022, 08:21 AM

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Hello forum
I update the editors keywords as of the version
At the page there are the details.
I wrote a crude parser in Python, that returns a result on a file.
The script would take the *.mcd format and write the keywords in a set of lists. Just to find the file(s) in "c:\Program files(86)\ProtonIDE\"

There are few parameters to input to the command line:
-h will give a explanatory list of arguments
-a will append the result to an existing file
-f the input file
-o the output file
last is a choice for the resulting type of file so just write xml or text

After that I got the new keywords and I could modify the relevant configuration file for Notepad++ and Kate.
So this script may be use to change the config files when a new update will be out.
Ignorance comes with a cost


It might be easy to add the json format as well, upon request.
Ignorance comes with a cost