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Started by trastikata, Aug 24, 2022, 07:41 PM

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Quote from: top204 on Aug 24, 2022, 11:29 AMI cannot afford another domain name, or the attachement of another domain name to the original domain name. :-(

;)  Click here:

and here

Les, since you are using the same hosting as do I, I can transfer the ownership of those two domains to your account. I will prepay them for another 5 years before I do the transfer.

Can you PM me your contact e-mail, so I can give you details for the transfer.


Edit: P.s. Since gevv was so kind to set up the forum, maybe he can do domain transfer and setup (so no redirects are required) on your side?


Traskikata. I cannot thank you enough. :-)

Every now and then in life, when things are feeling very low, some kind hearted people come along and make things feel good again.

I have sent you a message.

My very best regards.


Les, it's my pleasure.

I sent you a PM, can you confirm the info there?

John Lawton

Well done!

I think you need to set up a certificate for https to work smoothly, my browser (Edge) complained.


Very kind of you trastikata, thank you.



England is famous for not being very sunny, but what you have done Trastikata is a great ray of sunshine in the heart of our dear Les. I thank you too


Quote from: John Lawton on Aug 25, 2022, 08:58 AMWell done!

I think you need to set up a certificate for https to work smoothly, my browser (Edge) complained.

I second the motion, Firefox on Opensuse Leap 15.4 won't even let me at it.


Using firefox 103..  on W7 pops up a warning.
Clicking "advanced" opens other options Go Back (recommended) or Accept Risk.
Clicking "Accept Risk" takes to the forum or the Positron site....
You only need to click on "Accept Risk" once for each site.
Best regards


Let me echo the other comments, trastikata, that is a terrific and generous thing that you've done!
You guys up in "THE GREAT WHITE NORTH" are okay!!!