Anyone tried MPLAB X 6.0 IDE with Positron compiler?

Started by marekf, Jun 14, 2022, 02:42 PM

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Did anyone try MPLAB X IDE 6.0 to set up with the Positron Compiler? Does it make sense to try?


I use the MPLAB X IPE v5.40 to program with PicIT4 but I dont use the IDE, far to bloated.


As much as I detest MPLABX, and always have done. I have looked at incorporating the compilers into it. However, and it is a big however, I am not Java literate and the dreadfully bloated MPLABX is written in Java, and recently I have noticed a few bits and pieces of the dreadfully bloated, and slow, Python in it as well. So it is getting worse over time. LOL.

I tried to get some info on how to write the plugin for the compilers but got lost in the hopeless open-source rubbish, and the forum was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. So, for now, it is a no. no, unless some of our good users are Java literate and would like to create a plugin for the NetBeans IDE, which is what MPLABX is, but ripped off to make it look like a "Microchip product", as they have always done, and always will. :-)

When they were first ripping the Netbeans IDE for MPLABX, back in about 2011, and when I was developing the Amicus18 board. A lad from Microchip came to see me and showed me the MPLABX platform, and I still remember thinking: "what a load of Java crap", but I kept my thoughts to myself. :-) Then microchip ripped off the Amicsu18 board as well, as well as other people ripping it off. But that was my own fault for putting trust in a person that had no idea whatsoever how to market and sell, but they still took all the money from Amicus, and I never got a single penny for any of the boards sold, and all the months of work I did at home in my office, out of work hours!!! But how can you argue with someone who genuinely thinks they are "always right", and if something does not sell, it is always someone else's fault and never theirs, because, and I quote from him: "Advertising Does Not Work". LOL