Possible cancellation of previous updates

Started by Giuseppe, May 15, 2022, 07:54 AM

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I bought compiler version Then later I downloaded and installed all the updates up to Now I wanted to ask if I install the latest update can I uninstall all the previous updates?


The "correction updates" are not complete compilers, they update specific files within the compilers.

Each update has the previous updates files as well, so they can be removed and the latest update will add the files. I know there is a problem with the installer not acting as it should with windows 10 and 11 versions and not allowing them to be uninstalled, but that does not affect the OS or the compiler and it is just texts in the start menu etc...


With this download from Microsoft you can uninstall the unwanted compiler versions.



Ok then uninstall the old updates and I only keep the last one installed thanks a lot